Monday, December 30, 2013

Unbiased HP Coverage Gets Unbiased Results

For once, the Huffington Post let an opportunity to propagandize against Israel go by, and the results showed. It covered an article about Christmas in "the Holy Land", and gave it an unbiased headline and picture.

I fully expected the HP, like some other organizations we won't mention or link to, to use the occasion of the winter holiday season to propagandize for (who else but) the poor suffering Palestinians. There was, of course, some mention of them in the article itself:
"The heavy turnout, its highest in years, helped lift spirits in Bethlehem as leaders expressed hope that the coming year would finally bring the Palestinians an independent state of their own....Despite the Christmas cheer, Mideast politics loomed in the background. In order to enter Bethlehem, Twal's motorcade had to cross through the hulking concrete separation barrier that Israel built during the uprising. Israel says the barrier is needed to keep attackers from entering nearby Jerusalem, but Palestinians say the structure has stifled the town and stolen their land.Maayah said that the barrier, along with nearby Israeli settlements and Israeli control of archaeological sites in the West Bank, has made it difficult to develop the tourism sector.In addition, few Palestinians seem to think that the current round of peace talks will bear fruit. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry relaunched the talks last summer, but there have been no signs of progress.Israel carried out a series of airstrikes and other attacks Tuesday in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the deadly shooting of an Israeli civilian who had been working along the border. The fighting, which left a 3-year-old Palestinian girl dead, was the heaviest in more than a year."
But that's pretty par for the course for the Huffington Post and the Associated Press.

As a result, the comments were in low numbers and they were almost exclusively of the "Merry Christmas" variety. Just goes to show, hate only comes out when the Huffington Post encourages it.

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