Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Old School HuffPost Hate Parade

Since the switch to Facebook-linked user accounts and a buffing up of moderation, we haven't seen the kind of outpouring of anti-Israel hate that we used to see on a weekly basis in the Huffington Post's "World" section. That being said, a recent article came close to that (though it didn't exceed 100 posts) when the Huffington Post covered a story about an Israeli minister criticizing John Kerry. There weren't many comments, but the top favorited ones were just as venomous as ever. Racism, calls for Israel's annihilation, ZOG conspiracy theories, and of course personal attacks on anyone who dares to disagree with them:

Remember, this was all provoked by one Israeli saying one thing. If you're in the mood for more jimmy rustling, feel free to contrast this with when Sarkozy was caught insulting Netanyahu. Hating Israel is always in vogue at the Huffington Post, with full moderator approval.


  1. "There weren't many comments, but the top favorited ones were just as venomous as ever."

    I have flagged several comments to no avail. So not only are the comments still being allowed, flagging does nothing. The comments remain, as per HuffingtonPost "moderators".

    Some things never change.
    The question now is, who will moderate the moderators?

    1. I've noticed the same thing. And it seems no one gets banned anymore, people can just bash Jews to their hearts content.

    2. Sad. Kind of like, Now we know who you are, so bash to your hearts content.
      Maybe the whole verify w/phone number & FB account was so Arianna could send out perks to those who follow the anti-Jew,
      anti-Israel agenda.

      I personally am no longer posting. It is my opinion that demanding a FB account & phone number is an invasion of privacy. Whether or not it is technically, that is the way it feels to me.

      Meanwhile, fake names and FB accounts prevail.
      Boulderphinfan N. (stpmdn)
      Freenation Nation (Freenation)
      Kaptain Kool (Kaptain_Kool)
      Uncl Ruckus (Jt_John)
      And the venom lives.


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