Friday, January 17, 2014

Blood Libel Painting Brings Out the Hate

The Huffington Post Religion section had an article about a medieval painting going on display in Poland, a painting that depicts Jews killing Christian children, including "children having their blood drained and bodies hacked to pieces." If this sounds familiar, it should, it's a common depiction of the ancient myth of the blood libel towards Jews. The painting used to be on the wall of a cathedral but was removed in 2006 for its "offensive nature." But for a day of interfaith dialogue, it's going back up. But don't worry, "According to Polish daily newspaper Gazeta, 'a plaque next to the painting will inform viewers that the Jews did not actually commit ritual murder because it is prohibited by their faith.' "

The Religion section in general is less extreme than the World section, and thus most of the comments were what you would expect: horrified that such a painting exists, disagreement with the decision to put it on display, etc. But there were a couple of users that saw an opportunity to spread their message and they took it:

Welcome to the Huffington Post, where we have nothing against Jews. 

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