Friday, January 31, 2014

Collective Punishment (In Syria)! HPers Defend

The Huffington Post covered the ultimate war crime yesterday, the collective punishment of civilians. It even gave the headline a nice crowd pleasing vernacular:

Entire neighborhoods wiped off the map, purely to punish civilians sympathetic to the rebels. Naturally, you would the human rights loving HP readership to react in outrage, demanding that the Syrian government stop immediately, no questions asked.

Instead, their top responses fell into two categories, deflecting to Israel to justify the Syrian action, and denying the truth of the report/claiming it's not a big deal.

Here's the Israel deflections:

Sorry Syrians. Too bad you aren't Palestinians.

Here's some more defense of Syrian collective punishment.

If there is any doubt that the motivation of the Huffington Post readership is simply far left anti-Western ideology, and not any kind of moral consistency or love of human rights, look to this article as unmistakeable evidence. And then look to this article about the besieged Palestinians finally getting relief...and the four comments there, none of which were posted by the usual "hate Israel" crowd.

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  1. These posters, especially the first group, are equally disgusting and stupid {"rense" - hah}.


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