Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't Mix Indigenous Fight With Palestinian Rights

[By Ryan Bellerose at Indian Country Today Media Network.] is rife with inaccuracies and outright fallacies, from the opening paragraph where it speaks about "using native americans to cover up the ongoing illegal occupation of [Palestinian] lands."

The author clearly doesn't understand that in fact Judeah and Samaria are not "Palestinian" lands but the ancestral homeland of the Jewish nation. this is easily verified through archaeology and study of the region. The Jewish nation does not lose their ties to their land simply because it was occupied first by Rome and then by the Ottomans. To accept that would be to put our own claims in danger.

Its important for us to examine who these people are who are claiming to speak on behalf of Native americans, because they hide their bigotry underneath our banner.

Lets look first at the ringleader J. KÄ“haulani Kauanui. She is not a Native American. She claims she is "part indigenous Hawaiian,” but her experiences are about as Native American as a native Australian's would be. I am not saying they don't have their own history of persecution and oppression, but its very different from ours and I am getting tired of reading this woman’s claims. She is doing nothing more than inciting bad feelings towards Israel and pushing her agenda of bigotry and racism.

Lets examine the claims we know she's made:

She claims that the Palestinians are indigenous, something that only a person with very little knowledge of the Middle East would make. Anyone capable of opening a history textbook knows that Arabs conquered the Middle East in the 7th century CE. The Palestinians self-identify as Arabs. Some may carry indigenous blood, but blood quantum is a white man's concept. They deny their indigenous culture and heritage and instead follow the culture and claim the heritage of the colonizer people. How is that indigenous? Indigenous status is a complex combination of things, but the most important is the genesis of culture and tradition in conjunction with ancestral lands, which would mean that the Jews of Israel are indigenous, and the Arabs of "Palestine" are not. They can claim indigenous status, but to the Arabian peninsula, which is not the Levant. Ask an Arab where his most holy place is, unless he is one of the tiny minority of Christian Arabs, he will tell you its Mecca, and he will tell you this in Arabic both of which track back to.... the Arabian peninsula. Ask a Jew where their holiest place is, and they will tell you, and they will do so in the language that developed in the holy land.


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