Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HP Descents to Tabloid Gossip, Readership Bashes Jews

The Huffington Post waited one whole day to cover the breaking important news that PM Netanyahu's son is dating....a non-Jew! I'm sure if you read this blog you are aware that many Jewish families (as well as families from numerous other cultures) prefer their children to marry someone from their culture, so some ultra-Orthodox groups have a problem with Yair's choice of lady friend.

Most of the readership decried religion, as usual, or wagged a finger at the ultra-Orthodox groups for being so close minded. Others...took advantage of the opportunity to say what they were really thinking:

By the way, this article received 41 comments. The news article about severed pigs heads being sent to synagogues got 12.


  1. Huffington Post is a joke - forget left vs. right - regardless, HP is a complete spin machine masquerading as a news outlet. It is so blatantly biased that the 'real' news articles are ignored, and only the tabloid fodder gets any attention. They are pandering to the young TMZ croud, and the immature older TMZ croud - unfortunately there are too many of those... It is one of the most transparent, loose (def: Lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility; not literal or exact; unfettered) and embarrassing elements of our current society. What a joke - I am embarrased for them.

  2. Huffington Post = Jerry Springer


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