Wednesday, January 8, 2014

HP Finally Covers Israeli Abortion Coverage

This was news last week, but the Huffington Post finally covered the news that Israel will cover all abortions for women between ages 20 and 33. This is obviously a left of center policy (to say the least) and you'd think the Huffington Post and its readership would be eating some crow that the eeeevil right wing extremist Likud party would allow such a law to be passed under its watch.  But don't worry, the words "Likud" and "Netanyahu" never appear in the article, so the readership doesn't have to be reminded about their cognitive dissonance.

The majority of the top favorited comments in the article all had this flavor:

Like all partisan issues, the HPers react in glee to the Republican support of a state that, in this particular case, contradicts their values. As always, though, they ignore the other side of the coin, as they and their fellow far leftists support the kind of abortion coverage that Israel provides, but hates the state of Israel in general. Both sides are being hypocritical here.

And, of course, because this involves Israel, there was some anti-Israel postings.

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