Thursday, January 16, 2014

HPers Blame the Victim, An Imprisoned American

If there's one thing we know about Huffington Post readers, they are very patriotic Americans. If you're Israeli, you can't disagree with the United States in any way or you're pure evil. Any mistreatment of Americans by Israel is remembered forever (U.S.S. Liberty anyone?). So how would you expect the Huffington Post readership to react when an American is imprisoned for nine months in a maximum security prison just for making a parody video?

Huh. That's not the reaction I expected. Let's see if the headline gives us any more information:

Oh, he was imprisoned in the UAE. Well, I guess that makes it not interesting then. The total number of comments at the time of this blog post is 2. Even with the Huffington Post sympathy machine going for him (his name in the headline and face as the picture ), poor Cassim here couldn't get anyone to care about his experience. Too bad, dude. You should have been imprisoned in Israel.

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