Tuesday, January 21, 2014

HPers Display Their True Concern about Anti-Semitism

HP blogger Micah Halpern published a blog post about anti-Semitic chants at Polish soccer games. They are apparently starting to become a bit of a trend. Here's an example:
"When the home team in Poznan, Poland, started shouting: "Go Jews, Get out, Go to Auschwitz" the local prosecutor determined that those shouts, that sentiment, was not an anti-Semitic slur. Even when the slogans continued with the added verse: "send you to the gas chamber," the prosecutor did not think that it was racist. His rationale was baffling. The prosecutor reasoned that the shouts were levied against the other team Widzew, Lodz and that since there were no Jews on the other teams or, for that matter, anywhere in the stadium it was not a racist act."
This blog post was posted in the World section, which has thousands if not hundreds of thousands of daily readers. So I was fully prepared when I went down to the comments section to see dozens of HPers condemning this hate speech and bigotry.

Instead, there were six comments, despite the fact the blog post was posted four days ago. This was the top rated one.

Yep, no double standards towards Jews anywhere around here. Why do you ask?

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