Wednesday, January 8, 2014

HPers Use Whataboutery to Defend Weapons in Palestinian Apartment

The Huffington Post continues their dedicated coverage of the death of the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic with its latest article, stating that twelve weapons, including pistols and submachine guns, were found at the victim's apartment by Czech police. For the first time ever, neither the ambassador's name nor picture were in the headline of the article. Balanced coverage for once?

Anyway, you might imagine the Huffington Post readership to be somewhat upset that an alleged diplomat, someone who was supposed to be help build relations between nations, had weapons in his possession. Instead, there were nine comments posted, two of which defended the ambassador using the hated Zionist tactic of 'whataboutery'.

I guess it's OK to cite the behavior of other nations when it's the Palestinians who have done wrong.

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