Thursday, January 9, 2014

HuffPost Poisons the Well Against Israel

It looks like peace talks are back on, kind of, which means they are probably going to fail again, if past experiences are anything to go on. Fortunately the Huffington Post is here to make sure that whatever happens, its readership knows exactly who to blame: Israel and especially the evil evil settlers. They attempted to accomplish this with two blog posts.

The first by Alan Elsner explains that "Israeli extremists" are "gearing up" against John Kerry and his peace work. Palestinian extremists, such as the legitimately elected government of the Palestinian people, are left unmentioned of course. Elsner's evidence to back up his claim is a speech by Naftali Bennett that demand that Netanyahu not give up Jerusalem and reject an agreement based on the 1967 lines. Elsner explains that that is contrary to what Kerry wants and to what most Israelis want, but I don't think that makes Bennett an extremist. Unless the bar for "extremists" in Israel is so low that just about anybody who isn't center-left would qualify.

Fortunately Elsner makes a somewhat better point later down the column when he points to one guy making what appears to be a threat to Netanyahu:
"Another chilling sign that the extremists are worried came in an article by David Wilder, the spokesman for Hebron's Jewish community, that was published by various right-wing Jewish outlets. Wilder argued that Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Rabin and Menachem Begin all met unhappy ends because they surrendered land and he warned Netanyahu that he is liable to suffer a similar fate if he gives up land to the Palestinians."
Of course, only one of those people actually died because of violence. And Begin met an unhappy end because he led Israel into a war that wasn't necessary and the people didn't support. But I wouldn't expect Wilder to pay attention to that. But as usual, the bias here comes in what isn't said. Do you think that Mahmoud Abbas isn't scared about being assassinated if he made peace? Heck normal Palestinians can't even call for peace with Israel lest they be branded as normalizes and killed. But one guy sitting in Hebron making threats is worthy of a Huffington Post article. How typical.

Elsewhere, Ambr. Marc Ginsberg has found something else to complain about regarding the settlers. Those rapscallions are making fun of Kerry! How evil!
"In a sarcastic video, the Yesha Council created a website and hired an Israeli Kerry look-alike actor to castigate Kerry as a buttoned-down, American, imported, out-of-sync consultant who offers up to Israel bad solutions to everyday problems. Their lavatory-laced attempted humor is a tissue-thin disguise to denigrate the efforts of a statesman dedicated to Israel's survival by transforming Kerry into a snake oil salesmen peddling peace in some other solar system than that of the everyday Israeli (a.k.a West Bank settler)."
Oh no! Not a "sarcastic video!" This definitively proves that those evil evil Israelis don't want least according to the Huffington Post readership:

If you want to hear the whole story, try reading something other than the Huffington Post.

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