Monday, January 27, 2014

Iran Criticized, HPers Attack Israel

Last week, the Huffington Post published an original reporting article (in other words, not copied and pasted from somewhere else) by Peter Goodman about Rouhani's charm offensive and how his rhetoric at home doesn't match his rhetoric abroad. Goodman pointed out Rouhani said one thing about the conflict in Syria, and then another. He points out something similar about Israel. Here's Goodman's conclusion:
"But the Iranian president has bet his legacy on the notion that he brings pragmatism, human concern and above all realism to the work of developing Iran’s economy, and by forging relations with outside powers. He described his own creed as “prudent moderation.”Pretending to be open to dealing with anyone while continuing to exclude Israel does not qualify. Neither does feigning concern for all the people of Syria while pouring fresh armaments into the tinderbox."
Because Goodman mentioned Israel, all the HP readership took that as an excuse to bring out their long worn out talking points attacking the Jewish state, even though the article really had nothing to do with Israel.

Good to see two HP bloggers get in on the Israel bashing.

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