Friday, January 10, 2014

MJ Rosenberg Scrambles for Relevance

MJ Rosenberg, professional Israel hater that he is, is currently working on putting himself out of a job. Again. See, his latest article is about how no one cares about Israel. Unfortunately, that doesn't include him and his fellow full time Israel "criticizers." But it does include people that he personally knows:
"Nobody I know is interested in talking about Israel anymore. I think that may be because virtually all my friends are essentially pro-Israel and have supported Israel their entire lives."
Gee, I wonder how you came to that conclusion. Let's think for a second: could it be that because every time someone mentions Israel to you, you start freaking out about how terrible they are, and then if someone doesn't completely agree with everything that you think, you call them an "Israel firster" while insisting that that isn't anti-Semitic?

Could it simply be that nobody is interested in talking about Israel with you any more? I know that I wouldn't be! I don't even like reading his columns online, or his Twitter feed. But in between his Chicken Little-style declarations that "Israel is committing suicide," he actually has some legitimate (in his mind) evidence that Netanyahu is leading Israel to destruction. Like so:
"Nobody wants to discuss the new conditions Prime Minister Netanyahu keeps adding in his effort to defeat not the Palestinians but Secretary of State John Kerry's effort to achieve peace. First the demand that Israel be recognized "as a Jewish state." Then allowing the fanatic settlers in Hebron to remain along with the satellite outposts populated by the violent "settler youth." Then there is keeping troops in the Jordan Valley..."
Bad news, MJ. Here's an article from 2007 with Olmert demanding that Israel be recognized as a Jewish state by the Palestinians. I might add that your link about the "fanatic settlers in Hebron" was Netanyahu telling his cabinet that he doesn't intend to evacuate any settlements. I didn't see anything about outposts. As for the Jordan Valley, here's more bad news. Rabin wanted to keep troops there too, and so has every Prime Minister after him. But yeah, let's keep pretending that Netanyahu just came up with these "new conditions" so we can prove that Israel is locked onto a suicide course. Who needs the facts? This is the Huffington Post after all.

Let's stick around in MJ's world for a while, it's amusing:
"No, the only Americans that Israel can count on are Jews, and they are losing interest. Big time."
Indeed. Like that prominent American Jew, Barack Obama. And the 64% of Americans who support Israel must also be Jews in disguise. But the problem that MJ keeps forgetting is that from a foreign policy perspective it doesn't actually matter how many Americans like a given country. Do you think Americans like Saudi Arabia? Or Bahrain? Or Pakistan? No way, but we are "glorious allies" with them anyway because they have strategic value to us. And as much as people like Stephen Walt and our resident blogger here try to claim otherwise, America isn't in the charity business and they wouldn't be friends with Israel if they didn't get anything for it. Though Rosenberg insists that it's all because of Jews AIPAC:
"So long as there is money in it, one can count on Bob Menendez, Lindsey Graham, and the like to "stand with Israel." But that will last only as long as there is money it....AIPAC is the only thing that is keeping Congress in line...Congress is bought by AIPAC and J Street can not outbid it."
 If this were on any other publication it would be denounced as the almost neo-Nazi rhetoric that it is. But since this is the Huffington Post, it's completely taken for granted. Rosenberg finishes by freaking out about Israel some more, declaring that everyone living there is about to leave for Europe (seriously), that it will "unravel" while "Americans Jews look away."

Dream on, Rosenberg. Because as close as I can tell, it's not that American Jews have stopped caring about Israel, it's that they've stopped caring about you. Hurts, doesn't it?

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