Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Huffington Post "Reporting," More Spin and Hatred

We have been documenting for quite some time how the Huffington Post enjoys spinning headlines to make their targets of choice look better or worse, and this becomes doubled when they do the reporting themselves. Take the case of this article by Ryan Grim and Mollie Reilly and the screaming "gotcha" headline:

Oh my gosh! American politicians who want war! That's everything the Huffington Post readership despises. And it's even coming from a right-wing Republican. What a scoop!

There's only one little problem...Krauthammer didn't say any such thing. It's all just typical Huffington Post spin. Read it yourself at the link above. Krauthammer didn't even say that he wanted war, let alone anybody else. The Huffington Post was quick to try and throw mud on their favorite punching bag, mostly to fill space I think:
"But why would backers of the strong sanctions bill, which is being pushed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, want the negotiations to fail?"
The answer to that question is where the Huffington Post writers clearly believe they have their story:
"That question was answered honestly on Monday by conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer. The preliminary deal struck with Iran is a "catastrophe," he argued, because it is not tough enough on Iran. Worse still, he said, the existence of the negotiations makes it diplomatically and perhaps militarily impossible for Israel to carry out an attack on Iran while talks are under way.
"They're in a very difficult position," Krauthammer said of the Israelis during an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt. "This deal is designed as much by John Kerry and Barack Obama to prevent Israel from defending itself by attacking these facilities as it was supposedly to prevent Iran from going nuclear.""
If you're wondering what any of this has to do with "wanting war," then keep wondering, because Grim and Reilly never bother to explain further. Krauthammer explained that the deal was bad all the way around (assuming you don't want Iran to go nuclear of course). He never said anything about the Senate backers of the sanctions bill. As close as I can tell the Huffington Post writers and/or editors just made the headline up out of whole cloth. Naturally the readership got in on the action with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and manufactured rage.

 It's a great cyclic relationship between the Huffington Post and its readers, so much so that even new moderation rules can stem the flow of the rage.

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  1. It's around 218 "faves" for that first poster. I've never seen a number in the triple digits about Israel before. That his "Jewish water carrier for AIPAC" smear has been up for days without anyone saying boo sugggests some of us better keep a bag packed, it's that troubling.


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