Wednesday, January 8, 2014

News the HP Doesn't Cover: 'Jewish State' to be Added to Proposal

I would be very interested to see HPer reactions to this news. Probably a lot of hypocrisy about the "racist" nature of a Jewish state while throwing full support behind an Arab state. 

The US is reportedly exploring the possibility of altering language in the 2002 Arab Peace 
Initiative to include recognition of Israel as a Jewish State should the country reach a
peace deal with the Palestinians.
According to a Monday report in Palestinian newspaper al-Ayyam, citing Western sources, the US negotiating team is investigating the possibility.The changed language, which would insert a key Israeli demand into the 2002 Saudi-drafted Arab Peace Initiative, would also include the stipulation that Israel’s Arab citizens not be affected by recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.The initiative’s current language calls for the Arab world to offer comprehensive peace with Israel in exchange for a full pullout from all territories it captured in the 1967 Mideast war.The Palestinian report comes a day after US Secretary of State John Kerry left the region after four days of intense talks, including several hours in Riyadh in which he said he gained Saudi backing for his peace push.Ramallah has not given permission for any changes to the Arab League initiative, according to al-Ayyam.Kerry is expected to meet in Paris soon with Arab League foreign ministers who sit on the monitoring committee of the Arab Peace Initiative, the paper reported, and may present the idea to them.It is not clear when the meeting would take place.Kerry’s trip to the region was reportedly to push the sides to agree to a framework plan which would guide future discussions.

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