Thursday, January 30, 2014

News the HP Doesn't Cover: "Jews, Out of France!"

As we've commented upon in the past, the Huffington Post has a strange relationship with anti-Semitism. They enjoy talking about it a little, just to the point where the war on anti-Semitism can resume, but don't like reporting on it enough for the readership to think it's actually a problem. This was exemplified in their ignoring of an anti-Semitic march in France:
"It is nothing short of chilling.A video, taken on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, shows masses of French protesters marching down a Paris thoroughfare chanting openly anti-Semitic slogans and calling on Jews to get out of France.Chants include "Jews, France is not yours!" "Jews out of France" and "The story of the gas chambers is bull***!" At one point, in a show of raw, seething hatred, the crowd simply spits out the word "Jew, Jew, Jew!" "
The Huffington Post only is interested in French anti-Semitism when Bernard Henry-Levi comments on it, and then the readership attacks him.

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  1. It is chilling {and explains why I boycott French products and haven't visited the place in years}.


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