Thursday, January 2, 2014

Palestinian Ambassador Blows Himself Up

The Huffington Post covered the somewhat interesting news story of the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic dying in an explosion in his apartment. Check out the headline they used for this story:

What do you know? As always, when a Palestinian is killed, the Huffington Post prints their full name in the headline, in this case the ambassador's name of Jamel Al-Jamal. I'm only surprised that the picture wasn't one of his grieving family, as that tends to be the Huffington Post's modus operandi.

The vast majority of comments were about the nature of the explosion (which the Huffington Post article didn't mention), which was caused by explosives left in a 20 year old safe in the apartment that the ambassador tried to open. A few, though, had the expected reaction:

Rush to judgment on Israel and hang wringing over the poor suffering Palestinians? Sounds like the reaction the Huffington Post was seeking.

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