Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rocket Funeral Headline Perfect Example of HP Bias

The Huffington Post's coverage of rockets flying from Gaza at the time of Sharon's funeral was a perfect combination of the various tactics the HP editorial staff use to minimize attacks on Israel. Take a look at the headline and picture:

This coverage of the article hits all the marks for HP bias.

1. Description of the people who fire rockets (aka commit war crimes) as "militants."
2. Dehumanizing picture of Israelis, refusing to show their faces.
3. Description of the rockets simply being "fired" rather than hitting Israel close to Sharon's burial site and targeting the town of Sderot.
4. The doubt placed on the event even happening with the last phrase ("official says"). Did rockets hit Israel? Who knows for sure! We'll have to take this Israeli (aka evil Zionist)'s word for it. Remember when a cameraman was "hit by a tear gas canister"? No doubt in that headline.

Due to the new HP comment policy, comments were few on this article but at least one got the result the editors were looking for.

If you need some justifications for war crimes, look no further than the Huffington Post.

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