Thursday, January 30, 2014

ScarJo Quits Oxfam, HuffPosters Rage

The Huffington Post's "Entertainment" section was quick to leap on the story of Scarlett Johannson leaving Oxfam due to its support of BDS. They gave it a prominent place on the Entertainment headlines, and even tossed in a link to Mondoweiss along the bottom:

Although the comments were somewhat balanced, you could see the Palsbara in action as the anti-Scarlett comments were routinely given more than thirty 'favorites,' including the highly personal ones:

As always, Huffington Post approved.

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  1. I have despised & distrusted Oxfam since it knowingly gave millions of $ of donors' money to Hezbollah-owned construction companies in Lebanon. They built shoddy houses & put the money saved towards terrorist activities.


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