Friday, January 31, 2014

Today's Palestinian Hypocrisy

Something very interesting happened today. A group of around 300 young people got together and set up an illegal settlement in a section of the West Bank where they had no legal right to be. They sang nationalist songs by the campfire, they hung flags on the walls, and basically made it clear that they intended to stay there. Although some of them claim that there used to be a village of their people there, the fact is that no one was living there before these young radicals arrived. This was also located in an area that John Kerry just said would not be going to their side, and their supporters freely admitted that they did so in order to sink the two state solution. They also freely proclaimed that there would be "no peace" with their neighbors. 

There's just one little problem with this narrative. These young radicals aren't Jews, they are Palestinian Arabs:

Therefore, there will be no scathing articles in the New York Times, no UN resolutions, no 3am phone calls to any Prime Minister from President Obama. In fact no one will say anything. Ironic, isn't it?

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