Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Articles to Read Today

Two articles from the Huffington Post's blogsophere that you should consider checking out. The first is by Karin Kloosterman in the "Green" section about a supposed enlightened Kuwait refusing to attend a conference because Israel is there.
"In another "interesting" move for the planet, Kuwait decided to boycott an international energy event in Abu Dhabi because Israelis would be there. This news comes hot on the trails of a Kuwaiti official banning gays from entering his country, and its fish markets serving up "extinct" and illegally caught sharks.According to reports online, Kuwait officials decided to boycott the annual gathering of IRENA with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.One of the conditions for the international energy body to be HQ'ed in Abu Dhabi was that it must allow any nation to participate in its annual meetings, even those with which Abu Dhabi or the United Arab Emirates has no diplomatic ties."
Elsewhere, Abraham Foxman says his piece on the Scarlett and Sodastream kerfluffle, much to the anger of the Huffington Post readership:
"SodaStream, the Israeli gadget for homemade seltzer and soda, is the boogey man du jour for activists supporting the boycott-divestment-sanctions (BDS) movement. Retailers around the world have been lobbied to remove SodaStream products from their shelves. A public radio station in San Francisco recently succumbed to pressure to remove the soda machine as a pledge gift. Most prominently, starlet Scarlett Johansson is being vilified for her Super Bowl commercials for the product. 
What undermines the defamation of SodaStream by these entrenched anti-Israel activists is this booming global company's humane and practical commitment to true Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation. 
The rallying point for BDS-ers is that one of SodaStream's 22 manufacturing facilities is located in an industrial park in the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, and they accuse the company of "profiting from the occupation.""
I suggest that you check them both out.

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  1. SO many articles about SodaStream. Egypt and Syria are a mess, but Jews providing work for Arabs on land that was never officially "Palestinian" is an outrage. What a convenient cover Israel and "the settlements" are.


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