Friday, January 10, 2014

US Soldier Kills Afghan Boy, HPers Respond in Moderation

Today the Huffington Post readership showed us the double standards it has for Israel vs. every other state. It covered the news that US forces in Afghanistan killed a four year old Afghan boy. But don't worry, the HP's headline is already trying to alleviate the guilt:

Check out this bias. Where is the sympathetic picture of the victim or the victim's family crying? Where is the name of the victim in the headline? Heck, the HP headline even already tries to alleviate the guilt of the killing by putting in the headline the death was "accidental"!

Do you think if Israel killed a Palestinian child, the HP would do any of those things in its coverage? I don't think so either.

The Huffington Post readership responded to the story with sympathetic, but moderate, comments.

No screaming about war crimes. No demands that the United States should be destroyed and returned to the Native Americans. No spewing about how American nationalism is racism. No comparisons to Nazis or European colonialists. That stuff is saved for when Israel searches people at airports.

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