Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yet Another Israel Hating Huffington Post Blogger (UPDATED)

A Huffington Post reporter named Peter S. Goodman wrote an article about what he calls Hassan Rouhani's "double talk" at the recent nuclear talks over Iran's nuclear program, among other things. Rouhani played at sympathy for the people dying in Syria while demanding that the "terrorists" rebelling against Assad's government be "pushed out" once the fighting has finished. Naturally he had nothing to say about the war crimes that Assad's forces have committed. He also said that he wanted peace for "all countries" but only countries that Iran has recognized, which doesn't include Israel. But even here Goodman has to be sure to placate the howling anti-Israel mob that reads the Huffington Post:
"I rise not in defense of Israel, which has no shortage of bloodshed and strife to account for, and which has played a leading role in seeking to monkey-wrench the progress toward peace that Rouhani’s arrival has made possible....But the Iranian president has bet his legacy on the notion that he brings pragmatism, human concern and above all realism to the work of developing Iran’s economy, and by forging relations with outside powers. He described his own creed as 'prudent moderation.' Pretending to be open to dealing with anyone while continuing to exclude Israel does not qualify."
He later refers to Netanyahu as an "imprudent non-moderate." If that's Netanyahu, what does that make Rouhani?  Anyway, refusing to recognize Israel is par for the course on the Huffington Post, and I can't say that I was surprised that the comment section to rally behind Iran. They often do. What I didn't expect was for a Huffington Post blogger named Kevin Zeese to come marching into the thread with an older-than-dirt talking point defending Iran while attacking Israel. In other words, standard issue Huffington Post material:

Apparently the dozens of Israel hating Huffington Post bloggers they keep on staff just isn't enough. Everyone has to toe the line or else.

Update: Since yesterday Zeese's comment gained over 30 favorites and moved up to the top of the thread:

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