Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Reminder From Hamas

[By Lilac Sigan. Naturally the readership sneered.]

In case you'd forgotten, here's a small reminder from Hamas: It exists.
Ever since the peace talks between Israel and the PA began and gained speed, Hamas has been quieted down, pushed away from the table, and therefore pushed aside from our minds. However, Hamas is still there, ruthlessly controlling the Gaza strip and its 1.5 million Palestinian inhabitants, and it's not just going to step back and give its power away. On the contrary, it seems Hamas has been out of the spotlight for a bit too long, and now it's stepping in from the shadows of the backstage, a bit more every day.
Yes, we've seen the occasional rocket firing from Gaza in the past months, but that has only yielded a tired yawn of a retaliation. Israel has been patient, and that means Hamas hasn't gotten enough recognition for months. So now what? It either needed to start firing more aggressively, risking a severe armed confrontation with Israeli forces, or to start making headlines some other way. For now, it chose the latter.

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  1. Wonder if the poster Cy would like one of those "firecrackers" sailing toward him? And I doubt Ahmad--the not-so-great pontificator and regurgitator--has ever written an anti-Israel comment under 25 words.


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