Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fact and Fiction About Boycotting Israel

[By Dr. Joseph Olmert for Huffington Post.]

A few days ago, the GSMA, the world's leading organization of mobile users, held its big international event in Barcelona, and three Israeli companies were awarded prizes for their innovations. Just a small example of what happens in the REAL world when it comes to boycotting Israel. Those who know, know better than the haters of all kinds, whether academics or in the business community who call for a boycott of Israel, its academic institutions and its flourishing industry and agriculture.
The boycotters issue messages on the internet, and one is left to wonder if they are aware of the fact that so many features and appliances in their computers were invented and developed in Israel? Moreover, are they aware of the fact that the technology enabling them to use their cell phones, with which they call newspapers informing about the boycott of Israel, was also invented there? Well, why bother them with the facts? China, not a small player in world economy, is increasing dramatically its trade relations with Israel, and EVEN in the Arab world there is very little enthusiasm about the boycott. Jordan just signed a deal worth $500 million with an Israeli company, and that deal alone is worth more than the entire volume of all the confirmed acts of boycott.

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