Monday, February 10, 2014

HP Buries Article on French Jewish Emigration, But HPers Hate Anyway

We'll give the Huffington Post credit for covering an article about French Jews immigrating to Israel because of anti-Semitism, but not as much as we might have because they buried it in the Religion section (and the Israel section). No bias in the headline or picture, and the article is decent. Here's an excerpt: 
A mix of factors are driving the exodus, Kandel and others say, from historical and sentimental ties — many of France’s majority Sephardic population have family in Israel — to economic ones. In January, French unemployment rose to a record 11 percent. Israel’s, by contrast, hovers at about 6 percent.But rising anti-Semitism may be the strongest driver, manifest not only through rhetoric but also action. In 2012, a radical Islamist gunned down four people at a Jewish school in Toulouse.More recently, two of Tibi’s children were taunted on a tram. Tibi filled out immigration papers three weeks ago, making good on a project he had contemplated for years.“My son is always asking me why there are police in front of his Jewish school, why we need to be searched each time we go to the synagogue,” he said. “We are raising our children to live with this fear.”
 The vast majority of the 200+ comments in the article were supportive of the decision to leave and/or condemnation of anti-Semitism. Always good to hear.

But a sizable amount of the top comments were bashing Jews, Israel, and religion (translation: blaming the victim), or trying to hijack the conversation to whine about the poor suffering Palestinians. Take a look.

Sorry French Jews. You're not going to get much sympathy from some of the HP readership.

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