Friday, February 14, 2014

HP Republishes Palestinian Stunt, HPers Spew Hatred

The Huffington Post, like the good little soldier it is, faithfully published the non-story about Palestinians (who are coming into Israel for free medical treatment) trying to use their alleged illness to make political hay. Basically they submitted their paperwork using letterhead for the "State of Palestine", which Israel doesn't recognize, rather than what has been used and working for decades, the letterhead of the Palestinian Authority. Naturally, Israeli authorities rejected that paperwork and made them use the PA letterhead. Once the PA letterhead was used, the patients were allowed in for their free medical treatment. I guess the medical treatment was important enough that they needed to get into Israel for it (aka normalizing) but not important enough that they weren't willing to try a political stunt first.

For some reason, this story is international news.

The Huffington Post readership reacted to this story not with appreciation for the medical treatment that Israel gives Palestinians aka their enemy, but with all out attacks on Israel's existence and whining about Israeli treatment of the chosen victims of Palestine. Because that's what you do when an Israel story is published on the Huffington Post.

And that's over a paperwork issue!


  1. Bill B: really stands out here. "I have no problem with the Jews," but no country in the world wants them and Israel shouldn't exist.

    His vile "1930s Germany" reference applies to him.

  2. These Jew haters are so ignorant, that they don't even realize how transparent
    there hatred is. To say the standard "I have no problem with Jews"..."BUT...Israel..." is, as beyond transparent as it is ignorant.
    Do they not even have enough brain cells to realize that Israel IS "Jews", that Israel is the "Jewish Homeland", made up of more than 80% "Jews" ????

    The level of ignorance in people such as "Bill B." is simply astounding.
    The deep rooted hatred would be the same regardless of "Israel".
    These are the same people that will be quick to tell you how they "love matzo ball soup" and "some of my good friends are Jews, BUT..."

    I would laugh if it weren't so truly pathetic and sickening.

  3. That Bill B. character is a real little Nazi.


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