Thursday, February 20, 2014

HuffPost Calls in John Kerry's Brother to Defend Him

Oh brother. Cam Kerry has actually written for the Huffington Post before, so it's not totally unusual. But now he's here to convince Israelis that John Kerry loves them and has their best interests at heart. Really. Cam begins by talking about himself and how pro-Jewish he is, then complains that some people of indeterminate detail are criticizing Kerry and accusing him of anti-Semitism. Why he didn't just ignore those people, I don't know, as I don't recall anyone of actual importance accusing Kerry of hating Jewish people. He then says that the Kerry family ancestors have had experiences with anti-Semitism as well. But none of this gets to the point, of whether Israel can trust Kerry to do what needs to be done for peace. The trouble is that when he eventually gets there, it's all boilerplate stuff. There's nothing new. Read it for yourself:
"Today, his determined work on Middle East peace is informed by an abiding sense of the need to secure Israel as a home for the Jewish people. For years since that first visit, he has engaged passionately with a wide variety of leaders in Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and across the region to understand the way to peace. He also maintained a 100-percent pro-Israel voting record during his nearly three decades in the US senate. It is this deep involvement that has led to the conviction that Israel's long-term security requires a two-state solution -- that, in the face of the inexorable forces of security, demographics, and geography, Israel cannot sustain occupation of the West Bank and remain both democratic and Jewish. It is the same conclusion that such resolute defenders of Israel as Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon reached and that Prime Minister Netanyahu is confronting now. Prime Minister Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Lieberman, and Ambassador Dermer were courageous in their defense of my brother's motives. We can all debate the effectiveness of security measures, the delineation of borders, arrangements for East Jerusalem, and other real issues among the parties, but there is no truth and no good that can come by calling into question John Kerry's good faith toward his own heritage. Israel and the Jewish people deserve better than that."
So basically the whole article is "these mean people called me names, so stop." Cam isn't particularly convincing the Kerry knows what he's doing. For example he just reiterated a call for a settlement freeze while offering nothing in return, the same mistake that Obama made two years ago.

Anyway, what Cam forgot was that this is the Huffington Post, where being pro-Israel makes you a terrible person. So he got raked over in the comments:

I look forward to Cam's next article whining about how mean these people are and that John Kerry really loves the Palestinians and always has.

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  1. Tony needs to rant against Israel like a fish needs water.


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