Friday, February 21, 2014

HuffPosters Praise Iran's "Economy of Resistance"

Sorry, I admit this title is misleading right off the bat. See, when the Huffington Post covered a story about Iran's continued defiance and dedication to building an "economy of resistance," it was obvious that the apologist crew would be along shortly. I was expected them to praise Iran, but no, they just attacked Israel instead, including anti-Semitism that we haven't seen in a while:

Amazing how one user is able to spam the thread with hateful messages but others can't even get one word in.

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  1. Bernie Foke is, of course, the notorious steelhead trout, Groote Beer, Woodbutcher, etc. And, of course, under HP's new policy for generating enlightened discussions, he can now spout anti-Semitic garbage without pesky interference. [Can't imagine what "culture" he's referencing in his 3rd post on this page.]


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