Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jamal Dajani Goes After Abbas

Huffington Post blogger Jamal Dajani has written a blog post lamenting for poor poor Palestinian dictator Mahmoud Abbas, unable to make peace. Most of it we've all heard before, I'm just going to take bits and pieces from it to show Dajani's one sided "reporting."

Dajani leads off with mentioning the hope of the signing of the Oslo accords, and what's happened since:
"Twenty years have passed since the signing of the Oslo accords...Things have rapidly deteriorated for Palestinians since Oslo. The West Bank has become a maze of Israeli settlements, with Palestinian towns and villages separated by security check points [laundry list of complaints]....The Palestinians have also committed several blunders as well, such as attacking Israeli civilians, inner-fighting that led to Hamas routing Fateh and the Palestinian Authority from Gaza in June of 2007, and corruption by members of the Palestinian Authority. Subsequent attempts to breathe life into what was left of the Oslo accords, such as the Road Map and others, have led to a dead end."
Yes, over a thousand Israeli civilians murdered I guess could qualify as "attacking Israeli civilians" and a Palestinian "blunder." At least he tacitly mentioned the two intifadas, a lot of other people in his position wouldn't bother.

So what's the issue with the peace process now? The Israeli side, of course!
"New demands have been imposed on the Palestinian negotiators by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that range from Israel's control over the Jordan Valley to demanding that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state."
As we've discussed, the "demand" of recognition of a Jewish state isn't a "new" one, Arafat recognized Israel as a Jewish state years ago. But the truth of stuff like that would actually make the Palestinian side look like the intransigent side, and Dajani can't allow that.

But things are worse than a maximal Israeli negotiating partner for the poor suffering Palestinians:
"With a divided Arab world exhausted by the Arab Spring and split over a proxy war in Syria, Mahmoud Abbas finds himself alone in the unenviable position of having to deliver something tangible to his constituency after twenty years of a chain of disappointments. But the way the negotiations have been unfolding thus far - the US trying to convince the Palestinians to accept the Israeli terms and conditions - Abbas' options are very limited. Meanwhile, he is being pressured by all sides, Secretary Kerry from one side and King Abdullah II of Jordan from another side, not to mention the Saudis, the Qataris and others to be flexible with Israel's conditions."
 You mean after twenty years of refusing to make peace, people are finally fed up with Abbas' shtick and actually want some results from him? How unfair!

But Dajani's not just worried about Abbas actually making progress towards peace. He's concerned about Abbas actually succeeding:
"The Palestinian public, both in historic Palestine and the Diaspora, are also apprehensive, and have little faith that this latest round of peace talks will succeed. Many believe that the current Palestinian negotiating team and President Abbas, now four years past the end of his elected term, have not only failed in achieving statehood but in implementing much needed reforms by squandering huge sums of international aid as well. Their worst fear though, is that a weak and desperate Mahmoud Abbas might succumb to all the pressure and recognize Israel as a Jewish state, hence negating the right of return to millions of Palestinians to their ancestral homes."
 If that is indeed the Palestinians' "worst fear," then they need to go talk to the people in Syria and Iraq right now and check their privilege. But it's refreshing for someone to finally admit that Palestinians want to invade Israel and destroy it from within more than they want peace and their own state. If only all of their apologists could be so honest.

To make matters worse, Abbas has made statements that make it seem like he actually would give up that Palestinian 'right'!
"Abbas has fostered this fear. In 2012, he came under attack by fellow Palestinians after telling an Israeli television channel that he would like to return to his native city of Safed (currently in present day Israel) as a visitor but did not expect to live there. Recently, he told some 300 young Israeli students visiting the West Bank city of Ramallah that he would not "drown Israel with millions of (Palestinian) refugees to change its nature." Abbas also made headlines when he said that he doesn't support the growing boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement."
 Be still, my beating heart! That normalizing traitor Abbas! He's done!

And that's where the article ends. Dajani declares that Abbas is done because he's now too moderate for the Palestinian people and even if he was able to make peace, which he isn't, that would be bad for the Palestinians. Anyone who seeks to blame Israel for the lack of progress should read this article. It is enlightening.

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  1. "...hence negating the right of return to millions of Palestinians to their ancestral homes."

    This part gets me. If my parents or grandparents left Italy for whatever reason, THEY might have a right to return as former CITIZENS of that SOVEREIGN country, but I have no claims whatsoever.

    Those who fled the region before Israel achieved statehood were residents of the area, NOT citizens; "ancestral homes" my foot.


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