Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MJ's Latest Brings Out the Anti-Semitism

By an astonishing coincidence, MJ Rosenberg's latest blog post has brought up the anti-Semitic Huffington Post leadership. The blog post itself is extremely boring, AIPAC this, bill that, Republican this, Iran that. Standard MJ tripe.

But what's interesting is the comments section. Rosenberg's post has been up for four days, and all of the comments below have remained undeleted since then. Take a look:

Hmm, what other "questionable historical events" could Tom here by referring to? I can't imagine.

No comments from MJ Rosenberg in response to any of those comments, despite the fact we know he reads his article's comments sections and will respond to pro-Israel criticism. I guess anti-Semitic posts don't bother him as much.


  1. "Amalek"? So, the Huffposter identifies with the gang of marauders who attacked the weakest straggling at the end of the line when the Jews left Egypt? Classy!

  2. "Folke" --the guy who opened an account (for the 20th time?) using his real name in the spirit of HP's civility and accountabililty program--kills me. He mentions Israel and the Jews every chance he gets, thinking he's so clever with his subtle anti-Semitic remarks, but he's anything but. I flag them all, but they apparently don't offend the mods.


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