Thursday, February 27, 2014

More HuffPost "Nakba" Whining

Proving that the Huffington Post can shove its anti-Israel agenda into any section of its newspaper, given a sufficient excuse, they enlisted blogger Donna Nevel to write about "Nakba Education" in the USA. Why this was required in the USA and not somewhere else (like Israel) is a question that we are left to ponder for ourselves. She is talking about something called the "Nakba Education Project" by Zochrot, which does exactly what it appears to be.

Nevel is correct that Americans don't know about the "Nakba," but Americans don't know much about the Middle East or Israel or really much outside of America, so I hardly see why the "Nakba" would take priority over all of that. Excuse me, I was mistaken. This isn't just about educating Americans but about educating American Jews. Big difference:
"Inspired by the work of Zochrot, a group of educators has come together to create the Nakba Education Project U.S., which "aims to educate U.S. Jews and a general U.S. audience about the foundational [sic] event in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what the state of Israel calls the War of Independence and Palestinians call the Nakba (Catastrophe).""
I wonder why American Jews would be targeted for this propaganda campaign. Aren't Jews and Zionists completely separate? I also cannot help but ask what is the point of bringing up what is (for Israel) ancient history, unless they are trying to get Americans to feel bad that Israel exists in the first place. Which is an odd thing for an Israeli NGO to do, though it would hardly be the first time.
"Finally, it considers how the Nakba impacts Palestinian life today, both within the Green Line and the Occupied Territories as well as in the Palestinian diaspora, and looks at Palestinian refugees, international law, and the right of return from a range of perspectives. This is not only a story of the past. In fact, the Nakba continues to this day. As Zochrot's website notes, "Physical remains continue to be destroyed, the names of Palestinian localities are missing from the map and from the landscape, and even the memory of Palestinian life that was once here has almost no echo in Israeli public discourse.""
Ah, so it's basically all propaganda. That must be why the Huffington Post loves it so much. I haven't read the books themselves, but I can't help but wonder if the entire story (including the Jewish Nakba) is told within. Somehow I seriously doubt it.

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