Tuesday, February 25, 2014

News the HP Doesn't Cover: More Violence from the Temple Mount

Sorry to Daoub Kuttab for daring to use the term "Temple Mount," but I'm not sure how else to describe where this violence is happening:
Israeli police forces in Jerusalem were showered with stones and firecrackers Tuesday morning, as Palestinian youth seemingly protested an upcoming debate on Israeli sovereignty of the contested holy site.

The clashes began when officers opened the Mughrabi Gate, an entrance to the Temple Mount next to the Western Wall which is the only access for non-Muslims to the Mount.
The perpetrators, whom police said were a group of young men, some of them masked, were dispersed by the officers with the use of stun grenades. 
Two officers were lightly injured and three suspects were arrested.

How respectful of the third holiest site in Islam!

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