Wednesday, February 5, 2014

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Palestinians Flee Yarmouk

The suffering of the Palestinians in Syria, and while the Huffington Post has done a better job covering that than most, they still haven't covered this:

DAMASCUS — Khulud Shehab’s withered hands push two of her children out of Yarmouk 
in southern Damascus, anxious to flee the hell and hunger of the Palestinian refugee camp as fast  as possible.
For seven months, the Syrian army has imposed a punishing siege on the camp to try to force out rebels holed up inside.Khulud and her family are among the lucky few to be allowed to leave, after a deal was struck following months of negotiations between Syrian authorities and Palestinian factions in Yarmouk.“Just look at them. You can imagine what it’s like inside,” Khulud tells an AFP journalist, displaying her cracked hands.“It’s disastrous. People are literally dying of hunger,” says the slight and dark-eyed mother.“We were boiling herbs and bits of cactus we found in the fields near our house,” to eat and survive, she adds.Amid the crush of leaving Yarmouk, Khulud has lost track of her husband and one of her daughters as the family negotiated streets strewn with the rubble of buildings destroyed in months of fierce fighting.

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