Wednesday, February 26, 2014

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Temple Mount Debate Causes Arab Ire

Call Daoub Kuttab for a followup! The Arab states are getting even madder about Jews wanting control over their holiest site:

A Knesset debate Tuesday on Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount set off intense criticism in the Arab world, including in countries with which Israel has signed peace treaties.
Egypt’s foreign minister, Nabil Fahmy, warned Tuesday in a statement that an Israeli declaration of sovereignty over the contested site could lead to an “explosion’” in the region.
The PA asked the Arab League Tuesday to hold an emergency session on Wednesday to discuss Israeli policy toward the Temple Mount, Ma’an news agency reported. “If Israel continues this policy,” said PA ambassador to Egypt Barakat al-Farra, “it proves that it does not want peace but continues to violate international laws and resolutions.”
In Jordan, 47 out of 150 members of the country’s lower house signed a motion late Tuesday that the treaty be annulled, the government-owned al-Rai newspaper reported.
“The motion came in response to Israel’s actions in Jerusalem and to the Knesset debate of a law that seeks to impose Israel’s sovereignty over Al-Aqsa,” Al-Rai quoted MPs as saying in the motion.
“Israel’s actions clearly violate the peace treaty… it is aggression against Jordanian custodianship,” the motion said.
Al-Rai said the lower house will discuss “the repercussions of the debate later Wednesday”.
Most of the signatories came from Jordan’s Islamic Action Front, a Muslim Brotherhood faction that serves as the kingdom’s main opposition party. “We ask the government to accede to the demands of those who have called repeatedly for freezing, and eventually cancelling, the peace treaty,” the group said on its website.
Tuesday’s debate was the first to examine the right of non-Muslims to enter and pray at the holy compound in Jerusalem, with over 30 MKs from both right-wing and left-wing parties seeking to voice their opinion on the divisive topic.
The discussion ended late Tuesday with no vote being taken.
Almost all of the parliament’s Arab members chose not to attend the session in protest over the decision to hold it.

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  1. "Almost all of the parliament’s Arab members chose not to attend the session in protest over the decision to hold it."

    So much for the lie that they're treated like second-class citizens without a voice or any power. Reminds me of the EJ Arabs who refuse to vote in Israeli elections "in protest."


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