Monday, February 3, 2014

Today's Biased Headline and Hate Parade

The Huffington Post couldn't wait to publish this latest biased headline and picture to make Benjamin Netanyahu (and by extension his country) look bad:

Newspapers love the term "slams," especially when it doesn't apply. Which it doesn't, as you can read on the inside headline:

As is pretty typical for the Huffington Post, any disagreement at all between Israeli and American leaders gets cranked up to 11 by the spin machine, while equally problematic remarks by Palestinian leaders is left unreported. It's almost like they have a very obvious agenda. Anyway, the hate parade was off down the tracks, though most of the attacks were directed at Netanyahu. Others were about how Israel shouldn't exist, aka what apologists call "criticism of its policies," off topic deflections, or other endorsements of double standards:

Let's conclude with my personal favorite: 

Yeah, you can thank your lovely moderators for that.

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  1. Gotta love Penelope's "33 billion" in yearly U.S. aid lie that not only went unchallenged but was enthusiastically endorsed. That alone shows how corrupt (they can't be THAT ignorant) these posters are and that they're not ashamed to expose themselves as such.


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