Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ultra-Orthodox Sect In Trouble, HPers Post Hate

Something that is apparently newsworthy on the Huffington Post is that an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect has had its children taken away and placed in foster care because of "neglect, psychological abuse, poor dental and physical health, and a substandard education." Glad to see that the system is working, at least in this case, and disappointed by the behavior of these Ultra-Orthodox Jews. 

There were only 5 comments on the article. Here are three of them.

Yes, two out of five comments (that's 40%) were mocking Jewish practices in general and spreading anti-Semitic stereotypes. Way to keep it classy, Huffington Post readership.

By the way, this interesting tidbit was at the end of the article:
The [Ultra-Orthodox] group has denied all charges and alleges it is the victim of a Zionist smear.
Blaming the Zionists: it's not just for Palestinians.


  1. Arianna can track who is behind the comments all she wants, but it hasn't changed one bit in regard to the vitriol that is allowed through "moderation".
    IMO, it is at times even worse than before.

    I'm not sure at this point, what the actual purpose of the change was...
    what good does it do when the only thing different is some bogus names on FB accounts and most likely bogus phone numbers as well.

    Huffington Post comments section is still nothing short of way to bash Israel and Jews in a continued to attempt to delegitimize Israel and Jewish people.

    Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

  2. It must be challenging to type while wearing hoods over their heads.


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