Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Israel Intercepts Weapons, HuffPosters Rage

You probably heard the news about Israel intercepting a literal boatload of weapons on their way to Gaza from Iran. The Huffington Post covered the story and for once the top favorited comments were a reasonable blend between reasonable and frothing hatred of Israel. Let's take a look. Notice how few of these are actually related to the article:

You gotta admire them. Their desire to blame Israel is truly impervious to facts.


  1. Efed (what a name) can't even spell Israel and it was in the article's heading.

    Those "faves" say more about the posters than the validity of his ignorant remarks.

  2. Before HP's revamped policy, Dug consistently denied his identity and thus exposed himself as an unabashed liar. Remarkable that injustices committed throughout the region don't capture his attention, but no, he's not an anti-Semite.

    1. LOL. Doug. What a joke. Mr. "who's Doug...my name isn't Doug....you have me confused with someone else", aka "American4456", is one of the biggest anti-Semites on these boards. His "concern for the Palestinians", is as fake as his denial of being a Jew hater.

      On a side note, this is the first time I've seen that many posts by him w/o his usual "justice for all" BS, which he has admitted, means the demise of Israel and her people. He forgets he posted for a long time under his real name, before being banned and coming back as "I"m American 4456, I don't know who this Doug is". "unabashed liar" is only the tip of the iceberg. lol.

  3. Look at the similarity between American 4456 and Rianna's comment [posted below] a few month's back on an article about Palestinian refugee's in Lebanon. It demonstrates there shared hatred or resentment specifically for Israel's existence and textbook false narrative how Palestinians were simply mere hapless innocent bystanders while the mean cruel 'Zionists' came and took over their presumed indigenous land. BTW what 'foreign power" gave what' country' to the Zionist people? I don't recall Palestine being a country especially in 1917 or 1922. These textbook regurgitating antiZionist shills who whine endlessly about Hasbara's demonstrate once again their hypocrisy along with exposing themselves as Internationally organized institutionalized political propagandists to demonize & delegitimize Israel. The reason these anti Zionists despise Habarists is because Hasbarists are able to successfully challenge and tear down the false antiZionist narrative. They would rather stop having anyone challenging their false narrative just like they would like the U.N. to prevent Israel from defending itself in time of war.

    Here's Rianna's post for evidence.



    631 Fans
    " It must be terrible to spend most of your life without a country, permanent home, and legal status. What happened to these poor Palestinians, after one of the most erroneous decisions made by the UN, is reprehensible. They have been victims of a military occupation in the land they were indigenous to, have lands, water, and livelihoods stolen from them, and the refugees who were driven to other lands, still suffer and are forgotten. They will remain in this life of misery, as they have for decades, and still be made out to be the only people in the world who prefer to live this way, do not want peace, and more aggressive than the ones who drove them away and hold the big guns."

    Yep, apparently were suppose to buy into the notion that nobody cares about the poor innocent Palestinians [cough cough] this coming from a seasoned HP poster and nobody in history of civilization has suffered as much and for as long as the poor Palestinians who keep rejecting peace offers after peace offers even if those offers aren't 100% to their satisfaction.


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