Monday, April 7, 2014

HPM Cartoon: Three Sides

Hopefully none of you read Mondoweiss, and so you never read this article, which is a cartoon trivializing and defending the bullying and intimidation on campus. The cartoon itself is below.

The point of the cartoon, clearly, is that pro-Israel students aren't allowed to complain about being bullied, intimidated or threatened because the poor suffering Palestinians have it worse. In other words, Palestinian students are allowed to abuse Jewish students (and their feelings don't matter) because other people thousands of miles away are having a tough time.

Well, I made my own cartoon, to follow that line of thinking to its logical end:

Because clearly the suffering of the Palestinians isn't worthy of discussion because Somalians (among others) have it worse.


  1. Poking the hornet's nest, I have created the Facebook page: Mondodreck. If you visit and approve, please like and share, thanks.

  2. I disagree that no one should read Mondoweiss. Mondoweiss gives you the gist of the far Left's Israel obsession and acquaints you with the fallacies, lies, misinterpretations, and sheer hostility that pro-Palestinian camps serve up on North American university campuses among other venues. What one does with all this is learn how to refute and then use the knowledge to hit back hard. Those who can thrive on such a battle, or at least can stomach it, should await Mondoweiss' daily fare eagerly, weapons in hand.
    -- "Naftush"


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